Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dore Meets With Australian Delegation

Margaret Dore speaking to
the Delegation
On April 7, 2016, Margaret Dore, attorney and president of Choice is an Illusion, accompanied by her assistant, Brenda Ray, met with a five member delegation from the Legal and Social Issues Committee, Parliament of Victoria, Australia.

The topic was assisted suicide and euthanasia. The place was the Picnic House Restaurant in Portland Oregon where Dore spoke over lunch in opposition to legalization.

The function of the Committee generally is to inquire into and report on any proposal, matter or thing concerned with community services, education, gaming, health, and law and justice. Committee inquires result in policy recommendations to the Victorian Government and can lead to legislative change.

The Committee delegation members were: its Chair, the Honorable Edward O’Donohue MLC; its Deputy Chair, Ms Nina Springle, MLC; Mr Cesar Melhem MLC; Ms Fiona Patten MLC; and Ms Jaclyn Symes MLC. They were joined by Lilian Topic, Committee Secretary.

Dore's written materials can be viewed by clicking here and here.